Grocery shopping in our home market, the UK, has evolved significantly during the last 60 years. Once the domain of small, local independent retailers, the market has grown to include large supermarkets, hypermarkets on the edge and out of town, as well as convenience and limited assortment discount formats. Now we are seeing a shift to online as customers seek improved service, convenience and value.

The continuing growth of online shopping is made possible by improved technology, while the customer experience has been enhanced by faster broadband and new generation mobile devices, both trends that can be seen globally.

Ocado Retail is not a traditional supermarket. We are the world's largest pure online grocery supermarket - and the UK's only one. We built our business specifically for this change in shopping behaviour – to benefit from, and to lead, the online revolution for ourselves and our partners.

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Ocado Retail is leading the change as UK consumers embrace online shopping


Online is the fastest growing channel in most markets

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Ocado's unique and proprietary technology is helping other retailers change the way people shop in their own markets

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The wider addressable market is huge – for example, theoverall US grocery market is $1 trillion

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Ocado's technology has applications beyond the grocery sector

Reasons to invest


We are the world's leading pure play online grocer.


Our business model offers a superior customer experience, to help us and our partners grow sales and win market share.


Although online is the fastest growing channel in most markets, grocery market share is still significantly lower than for most general merchandise categories.


We are leading the UK shift in how people shop, providing an example for others.


We can package and license our unique, proprietary technology to third parties.


Our end-to-end solution allows our partners to grow their online grocery businesses profitably and sustainably.


Our model is based on a virtuous cycle of growth, investment and innovation.


We have a proven management team leading strategy and execution.