Changing the way the world shops

We are transforming shopping, making it as easy and efficient as possible. We are online grocery pioneers. We have unique knowledge and inspired people delivering unsurpassed service to all our customers and continuous advantage to our partners with our innovative technologies and shared expertise.

This is a transformational period for Ocado. We have developed unique and proprietary technology to offer retailers an end-to-end operating solution for grocery retail that enables them to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Tim Steiner

Chief Executive Officer

Our UK Retail business demonstrates the success of this technology platform, and it continues to outpace our competition in service and growth. Our new CFC in Erith, at full capacity, will be the largest automated warehouse for online grocery retail in the world. It will also demonstrate the success of our platform, and its scalability, adaptability and efficiency.

We are now beginning to partner with some of the world's biggest, best and most innovative retailers, to help them redefine the shopping experience for their own customers. As a result, we are beginning to fulfil our ambition to change the way the world shops.

Driving growth: continually enhancing the value of our proposition for our retail customers and Solutions partners.

Maximising efficiency: always striving to develop our technology and operations, to consistently improve our economic and operating performance.

Utilising proprietary knowledge: using our IP to create competitive advantages in our retail business, and further monetising our IP through our platform business.


Constantly improve our proposition to customers

For our retail customers, this is based on service, range, price and ease of use.

For our Solutions partners, it means continually enhancing the Ocado Smart Platform and extending our offer with new capabilities.

Strengthen our brands

Develop and expand brand offerings to our retail customers, aligning the Ocado brand with our leading proposition.

Reinforce the Ocado Solutions brand based on partnership announcements and validity of model. Promote the strength and value of our Technology and Engineering brands to attract the highest quality talent.

Continuously develop more capital and operationally efficient infrastructure solutions

Operating efficiency: optimise every aspect of the fulfilment and delivery life cycle, to improve our economics and customer proposition.

Capital efficiency: continuously lower the cost of investment required for online grocery activities, to support growth in our own retail business and for our platform partners.

Constantly enhance end-to-end technology systems

Retain our technological leadership through ceaseless pursuit of innovation ahead of the market.

Use this cutting-edge IP to power our world-leading end-to-end e-commerce, fulfilment and logistics solutions.

Enable current and future partners' online businesses

Continuously develop and enhance our Ocado Smart Platform to enable a compelling customer proposition, which will add significant value for partners.