Changing the way the world shops

We are transforming shopping, making it as easy and efficient as possible. We are online grocery pioneers. We have unique knowledge and inspired people delivering the best possible service to all our customers and continuous advantage to our partners with our innovative technologies and shared expertise.


Driving growth:

continually enhancing the value of our proposition for our retail customers and Solutions partners.

Maximising efficiency:

always striving to develop our technology and operations, to consistently improve our economic and operating performance.

Utilising proprietary knowledge:

using our IP to create competitive advantages in our retail business, and further monetising our IP through our platform business.

We are changing the way the world shops, offering consumers a different proposition, because we are built differently – we are built to be online. We aim to allow consumers to shop online in the way most convenient for them, constantly evolving our technology, based on customers’ needs. Our functionality works across a spectrum of customer interfaces, including mobile and Alexa voice-activated systems.

Ocado offers Retail customers nearly 55,000 different products

Ocado Retail customers get reliable delivery within a 1 hour window

With the Instant Shop Algorithm, customers can buy 50+ items in 3 minutes

95% of Ocado deliveries are on time or early

99% order accuracy

Our business is built on finding solutions, aiming to offer world-class service. Our people are critical to us achieving our strategy. So we identify and develop the highest quality of talent throughout Ocado. For example, we hired 300 more software engineers in FY18 to increase the pace we evolve our technology. The role of our technology leadership team is to ensure we generate value in both the short and long term and to ensure our technology will still be relevant in five to ten years’ time, and that we stay ahead of the market.

Ocado technology employees

2015 750

2017 1,100

2018 1,300

Pace of innovation

25% new components in our 2nd generation bots compared with 1st

75% new components in our 3rd generation bots compared with 2nd

We believe our online grocery solution provides a complete service which is the most advanced and efficient in the world. The cloud-based architecture of our proprietary Ocado Smart Platform – made of software modules and fulfilment hardware – means it is scalable and we can continuously update it. The automated fulfilment in our Customer Fulfilment Centres (CFCs) involves a market-leading, physical infrastructure solution and algorithms that shorten lead-times and improve accuracy.

1000 hours of testing before we deploy new solutions software

Our 6 test grids run 24/7

Over 100 patent applications this year and Over >65 patents already granted

Erith CFC achieved a capacity in 3 weeks that took 32 weeks in Andover CFC

We work with grocery retailers across the world; retailers who want our help to succeed in the online market. Our Solutions business offers them a full-service proposition – a front-end interface for ordering, automated fulfilment within CFCs, and last-mile operations for delivery – all underpinned by the Ocado Smart Platform, our proprietary technology. The modular nature of our CFCs means they are also scalable, so as a retailer’s business grows, their ability to fulfil customer demand can keep pace.

Our commercial and product teams speak 11 different languages

We signed 3 major deals in 2018

We now have partners in 5 countries

We will create CFCs for Groupe Casino, Sobeys and ICA and will begin work on CFCs for Kroger, building 20+ over the next 3 years